Areocut offers image superimposing on iOS

Image via Delix Software
Image via Delix Software

Delix Software has announced the launch of Areocut on iOS, giving iPhone and iPad users a tool for combining images into collages by superimposing limitless items onto a single image. Users can trace an item on one photo, cut it from the image, and then paste it onto another image to create a new photo.

The app offers multiple editing tools, allowing users to edit the smoothness of their cutouts, clone them, flip them, resize them and much more. If players feel they don’t have a steady hand to trace along the outside of an image before cutting it out, they can also tap and drag to “color in” an image, selecting everything inside that bubble for cutting.

Users can alter the hue, exposure, contrast, brightness or RGB levels of each cutout’s layers (as examples), allowing them to more finely fit in with the original image, or not, depending on the user’s preference.

“Areocut really lets individuals release their inner artist,” said Loran Dyrmishi, who co-founded Delix Software with Ledion Dyrmishi.”We’ve included powerful and unique tools to help the users create artistic and original photos right within the app. We can’t wait to see what beautiful images our fans will create.”

The app touts a limitless number of possibilities, with Areocut’s different tools allowing users to make images look as though they haven’t been edited at all. “With Areocut, you can control the smoothness of your layer mask so it will perfectly fit with your background image,” added Loran.”Your layers will look as original as [ever] before.”

Areocut is now available to download on iOS for $0.99. Check back soon to follow the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.