Are Your Followers Cat Lovers Or Ice Cream Addicts? Get To Know Their Every Detail With “Know Your Twitter Followers”

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of music your followers listen to, whether they’re dog or cat people or which browser they prefer, you’re in luck: You can now get a detailed, insightful analysis of your followers from a new service called “Know Your Twitter Followers.”

Schmap, the real-time social city guide website, launched “Know Your Twitter Followers” this week in the hopes of giving Twitter users unprecedented access to information about their followers.

To showcase their follower analytics technology, Schmapp revealed some interesting facts about the followers of some of the most famous faces on Twitter.

For instance, Sarah Palin’s followers are apparently religious married parents who read a lot, and Donald Trump’s followers are mostly fitness buffs. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and creator of Internet Explorer, is followed by people who prefer Firefox as their browser of choice. And Charlie Sheen’s followers love their iPhones, are active tweeters and enjoy partying.

For us regular folk, Schmapp offers two basic options to get some insight into our Twitter followers.

The free version will provide a summary snapshot of your followers, breaking them down by location (country, US state and city), profession, generic likes and interests, demographics, preferred way of accessing Twitter, their first language, their Twitter settings, influence, activity, time on Twitter, number of accounts they follow, categories they follow and specific accounts they follow.

That’s quite a lot of information, and is likely enough for many. However, if you’re looking for some serious info on your followers, Schmap also offers a paid version that ranges from a low of $4.95 for individuals to upwards of $149.95 for large corporations.

Just to give you an idea of what you can expect with the free version, I learned that the majority of my followers are males in sales and marketing who like technology and books/reading, they prefer HootSuite over Tweetdeck, and they mostly live in the US.

You can try out “Know Your Twitter Followers” for yourself to get to know your own followers.

(Image courtesy of violetkaipa via Shutterstock)