Are You Willing to Spend $20 for a Reticular Lens Just to Try out a 3D iPhone Viewing App?

I’ve been a huge fan of 3D still images and videos for more years than I care to admit. But, I have to wonder if glasses-less 3D movie viewing is really a reasonable thing to expect on an iPhone.

We Just Watched A Movie In 3D On An iPhone, And It Was Awesome (BusinessInsider)

Spatial View’s 3DeeCentral is not available in the App Store yet. Based on BusinessInsider’s article, the app requires a $20 add-on reticular lens like the one that will be used on the Nintendo 3DS for glasses-less 3D viewing. However, if you have access to their iPhone fitting reticular lens, Spatial View has a free 3DeeView iPhone app available for viewing still 3D images produced by something named 3DeeSlide.

Would I spend $20 for the lens to try the app? Maybe. And, there-in lies the challenge for Spatial View: How to convince people to spend $20 before they can try their 3D app.