Are You Spending Enough Time With Your Boss? New Study Says You’re Not

bossesIf you’re wondering whether or not you’re spending enough time with your boss, there may be reasons why you’re questioning it in the first place.

That’s because it’s a valid question and a new study underscores the importance of face time with your supervisor.

According to a new study conducted by Leadership IQ with more than 32,000 executives, managers and employees in the U.S. and Canada, people feel more engaged for each additional hour spent with their leader.Actually, the results show that people typically spend merely half the time they should be spending with their boss. Nearly half of the survey participants say they spend less than three hours per week interacting with their supervisor. On the other hand, slightly less than 30 percent of respondents spend six or more hours with their leader.

Researchers looked at data and concluded three hours is the typical amount of time per week that people spend with their bosses. That said, they surmised the ideal length of time is six hours.

Apparently there’s truth to the numbers. People who spend six hours with their boss are 29 percent more inspired, 16 percent more innovative and 30 percent more engaged on the job than people who only spend one hour per week with a boss.

Now that it’s proven how important it is to connect with your leader, it may be particularly challenging for remote employees or for anyone with a boss who is constantly in meetings (sound familiar?). Like everything else in your career, it comes to persistence and focus. Get on his or her calendar perhaps for a weekly call or bi-weekly call. Make it your business to connect with your leader even if it’s at an annual summer picnic.

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