Are You Protecting Your Privacy on Google+? [Infographic]

Google has made an effort to be more transparent with its privacy policy, first by condensing the policy into one page, and then by putting ads in public places like trains to make sure people know how to use their privacy controls.   A new infographic from shows how well people have listened.

Google’s new social layer through Google+ your World uses information from your social network to influence your search results. Although the numbers definitely indicate a gap between the people who don’t want their search results tracked (73%) or used for targeted advertising (68%), and people who are aware they can do something about it (38%), at least 81% of Web users who are aware do remember to delete their browser history and 65% use privacy controls to limit the kinds of information collected. Not many people take time to read the fine print in any situation, so that’s actually a pretty decent turnout for a free Internet tool. For the other 62%, the infographic below shows how the search engine’s data collection strategy has evolved through the years.

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