Are You Bored With Daily Deals — Including Facebook's?

Please let us know what you think of daily deals, both the ones on Facebook and elsewhere, and we'll share the survey responses with you.

People’s inboxes are overflowing with daily deal emails flooding their inboxes. Some of these offers come from Facebook, while many others hail from competitors.

As Facebook continues to expand its deals to more cities and types of devices, competitors continue to stack up rival offers.

But has the quality of the deals changed for better or for worse? Have you bought one in the past six months? Do you share them with friends? Does one provider have better offers than the others?

Click here to share your thoughts with us in the SocialTimes Pro Daily Deals survey.

We’ll share the responses with you, if you’d like. Two lucky participants will even receive free copies of the upcoming report “The Group-Buying Guide: How Consumers Really Feel About Daily Deals.”

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Photo courtesy of Zach Klein via Flickr.