Are You a Weblebrity?

We first met David Armano, of Critical Mass and author of popular business and experience design blog, Logic and Emotion at this past Spring’s AdAge Digital conference. Funny enough, Trylon SMR, who reps Critical Mass, actually pitched us to meet up with Armano while were sitting behind him at the conference.

He has a recent post that we couldn’t help but sharing with you: Top Ten Signs You May Be a Weblebrity.

1. You have signature clothing such as a certain T-shirt, hat, tie, sunglasses, boas, and occasionally ascots.
2. At internet parties people follow a “drink for link” policy-they buy the drinks, you provide the links.
3. Your internet friends treat you like a star while your real friends tell you to go F@*k yourself.

Numbers 4-10, after the jump.

4. You stopped thinking about yourself as a person years ago. Now you’re a “brand”.
5. At family gatherings you receive regular taunts like “can the internet superstar please pass the casserole??”.
6. You’ve considered getting your Facebook photo shot professionally.
7. Total strangers you meet at conferences know more about you than your significant other.
8. You fight back the urge to say “do you know who I am?” almost daily.
9. People actually think you’re friends with Scoble.
10. No-one in the real world has ever heard of you.