Are Users Actually Buying Anything on Social Networks Yet? [Infographic]

There’s no doubt that today’s retailers are scrambling in their pursuit of  ‘social’.  The idea of having a direct relationship with a customer and knowing their preferences, interests and social graphs is too great a marketing opportunity to pass up.  But has social commerce taken off yet?  Are people actually buying anything through social media?  An infographic from Argyle Social spills the beans.

Looking at nearly 600 retailers in November and December of 2011, Argyle found that only 17% of retailers are featuring products on their Facebook Pages and only 4% are enabling checkout on Facebook.  These stats speak to a confluence of conflicting factors — you do want to turn your social page into a point of purchase but you do not want to be too overtly corporate or you’ll ruin the honest vibe necessary for social media.

There are a lot of great stats below, take a look and let us know what you think!

Cover image: Supri Suharjoto