Are Travel Guides Better Suited To Print?

Despite the light-weight features of an eReader or the fact that your mobile phone/eReader might already be in your pocket, Associated Press writer Anick Jesdanun argues that print makes for a better travel guide than an eBook. On a 10 day trip to Germany, equipped with both a Kindle edition Lonely Planet guide and a print version, the write found the print version easier to use.

In a piece, entitled “Paper wins over e-book for this traveler,” Jesdanun argues that print beat out eBooks because they are easier to flip through and contain more detailed information.

Here is an excerpt from the piece: “Holding the paper version, I simply kept my thumb on one page and a finger on another to flip back and forth between the narrative and the deeper descriptions. The map was either on the same page or just one page away. With the Kindle, I had to hit ‘next page’ and ‘prev page’ repeatedly, and the pages took their sweet time to turn, because the “electronic ink” technology of the screen doesn’t respond as fast as a computer screen. Out of frustration, I flicked a switch to turn the device off instead. E-ink also means scrolling and zooming doesn’t work well.”

Perhaps another eReader like Nook Color or the iPad would have made for a better experience. Do you think travel guides are better suited for print?