Are MoDo’s Books Necessary?

Although Maureen Dowd has enjoyed a wave of publicity recently thanks to her new book, “Are Men Necessary?“, very few are raving about the actualy quality of her tome.

Dowd’s own paper took “Are Men Necessary?” to task this weekend, printing a book review by Kathryn Harrison–a woman who might also wonder if men are necessary, considering her own traumatic four year affair with her father. Harrison has the following to say about Dowd’s book:

  • “Like most people who work hard at seeming to be naturally funny, Maureen Dowd comes across as someone who wants to be liked.”
  • “An award-winning acid tongue just may be a tragic flaw.”
  • “But what makes Dowd an exceptionally good columnist on the Op-Ed page – her ability to compress and juxtapose, her incisiveness, her ear for hypocrisy and eye for the absurd – does not enable her to produce a book-length exploration of a topic as complex as the relations between the sexes.”
  • “When a few hundred pages’ worth of these observations are published in one book, they suffer the opposite of synergy, adding up to less than the sum of their parts. Energizing in small morning doses, the author’s fast-talking spins on the spin can rear-end one another until the pileup exhausts a reader’s patience.”

Sheerly Avni says that “Dowd’s America is like none that most of us have seen.”

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