Are Applications Facebook's Version of Spam?

Myspace is known for the immense amount of spam that users receive. For me, this was one of the reasons that I stopped using Myspace. Everyday I received a friend request from someone named Bambi or some other alias with a picture consisting of a gorgeous face and a serious amount of cleavage. Many times the picture was simply of cleavage and nothing else. While it grabbed my attention, the daily requests became extremely annoying.

So I decided to leave MySpace and head over to Facebook where I was free from all of the messages and friends requests from people I didn’t know. While Facebook continues to be relatively effective at blocking messaging spam and misleading friend requests I am now flooded with application requests. These requests have become as effective as the discount Viagra email messages that flood my unfiltered inbox.

I now have 56 invites for Poo fights, Vampires, XMe and many more. You know what? I’m starting to get annoyed by these. For somebody who reviews all the applications and can handle a fair amount of review requests and other inquiries, the application requests are starting to get annoying. I’m not the only one either. If Facebook doesn’t hurry up and figure out a way to filter these requests effectively, LinkedIn may perhaps finally have a competitive advantage.

As LinkedIn said this past week, they are opening up the platform in a closed sort of way. That closed sort of way is going to prevent all the food fighting, vampire biting and poop throwing that Facebook has. So when Kara Swisher says it’s the Children’s Hour on Facebook, she may just be right. Facebook better hurry up and fix the application spam or risk a lot of people leaving. Are you getting as annoyed with all these random application requests?