Architecture Critic Tom Dyckhoff Investigates The Secret Life of Buildings

From our experience, architecture critics tend to be an attractive bunch. That said, you’d think more of them would be on television more often that the “never really ever” they’re used to now (save for the occasional stop and chat with Charlie Rose, of course). Fortunately, the UK’s Channel 4 has seemingly discovered this untapped resource and beginning last night, just launched The Secret Life of Buildings, hosted by critic Tom Dyckhoff, who seems to resemble a much more approachable looking Thom Yorke. In the three-part series, Dyckhoff undergoes a series of lab rat-esque experiments to see how things like ample sunlight and a complete lack of it affect a person, all in the name of seeing how much architecture really does interact with our everyday lives. Here’s the trailer:

Because the series is a UK show and seems like something we’d really enjoy watching, we estimate that it will finally make an appearance in the States sometime around the winter of 2014.