German Edition of Architectural Digest Covers Brentwood

It’s not just our movies that are a big international export these days. According to West Hollywood interior designer Jamie Bush, it’s also on in 2011 with regards to purveyors of modern California living.

Bush told LA Times freelance contributor Alexandria Abramian-Mott that things have exploded this year, with new glossy interior design mags from Russia, China, and elsewhere running all sorts of features on his work. He has also just collaborated with another high-profile foreign media visitor:

The designer said so far this year, he’s been published in China, Brazil, Russia, and Bulgaria. In July, a team of photographers from Architectural Digest Germany will fly in to photograph a Brentwood home that he designed in collaboration with LA architect Bruce Bolander.

Translation: There is a real opportunity here for LA based home design reporters. Mark Strauss, president of Sandow Media’s Interior Design Group, tells Abramian-Mott that the combination of mass urbanization and an expanding middle class in these countries is leading to surging consumer interest in interior design.