Architects Go Crazy Over New Presidio Planning While the MoCA Considers Selling Art to Pay Bills

Quickly heading back to California to discuss all the excitement/crises still going on in both of the state’s major metropolises. First, it appears that some of that anger over Donald Fisher‘s Presidio Museum has subsided a bit now that he’s agreed to do something smaller and in a different location. And there are some people even happy about it, namely architects, a bunch of whom are now vying to pitch designs for a new proposal, hoping to win the final commission. More meetings by the Presidio Trust will, of course, transpire to go over all of that.

Second, a great, lengthy feature about Los Angeles’ troubled Museum of Contemporary Art by the LA Times. It goes into more depth than the small tidbits we’ve been picking up, looking into what went wrong and what they’re doing to help fix their dire financial straits. And for further reading, concerns about the health of the MoCA and if it can weather the storm have led to the question if the museum might take a page from the state of New York and start selling pieces of art to cover their losses. Some of MoCA’s board members say absolutely not, but others, like Jane Nathanson seems willing to think about it:

“I think these are dire times,” she said, “and I certainly have strong feelings about deaccessioning art for any other reason but buying more art…I know those are the guidelines, and they’re the guidelines I have always gone by, but sometimes one has to look at alternate possibilities…”