Architects, Designers Attempt to Build Better Bike Rack

(Photos: UnBeige)

Coiled springs, bisected circles, and several shapes that would win the endorsement of Karim Rashid, sworn enemy of sharp corners: each of the ten finalists for the CityRacks Design Competition offer a fresh take on the bike rack, and after giving you the lowdown on the shiny, happy entry of Francis Anthony Bitonti of FADarch, we thought we’d spotlight a few of the other finalist designs, selected from more than 200 entries from around the world. Boston’s Next Phase Studios devised the flexible “cable rack” (pictured above, second from left) from a plastic-encased cable, a nod to the bike lock and meant to contrast with traditional racks, which the designers describe as “stiff street furniture.” Looking not stiff but springy is Florence-based Baroni & Valeriani Architetti’s modular recycled aluminum rings (above, at far right), which can be assembled into corkscrew formations of various lengths. Meanwhile, Harry Dobbs and Andrew Lang of London created a Y-shaped stand (above, second from right) that accommodates bikes of multiple sizes and styles, and could double as a place to sit. Check out all ten finalists on the competition’s website and then leave your comments as to their suitability to win and be installed throughout New York City. Our favorite comment so far: “This is a really interesting idea, but can it hold up to an electric saw?”