Architect Launches Debut AIA-Affiliated Issue

Last year was quite a period of transition between Architectural Record, the American Institute of Architects and the magazine Architect. To get you back up to speed, here’s an attempt at a quick recap: First, the AIA decided that it was leaving Architectural Record as their officially-affiliated magazine, and would be moving over to Architect. A few months later, Architectural Record‘s Editor-in-Chief, Robert Ivy, announced that he was leaving the magazine to become the CEO of the AIA, essentially sorta-kinda putting him back near his old journalism haunts, now that the AIA was going to work for Architect. So, phew, after all of that repetition of the letter “A,” the first issue of the new AIA-supported Architect has arrived, complete with a newly redesign website, with its very own dedicated AIA section, and lots of big collaborative plans, beyond the magazine and the new site, from the magazine’s parent company, Hanley Wood:

…Hanley Wood will also run the AIA’s annual national convention, attended by tens of thousands of architects, builders and design professionals. This year, the convention will be held in New Orleans from May 12-14.

A main component of the AIA-Hanley Wood media partnership is a dedicated section in each of the four publications that will focus exclusively on AIA-produced content. Called AIArchitect, it will be a sister publication to the online-only, bi-weekly newsletter that currently serves as the AIA’s primary in-house publication.