Archinect Launches Zine, Focuses First Issue on Ai Weiwei

The good people over at one of our favorite daily reads, Archinect, have returned to that gilded age before we all had blogs and Facebooks and smart phones to the era of zines, with the publication of their first. In collaboration with Christian Chaudhari‘s publishing initiative Friction House, the first issue of the Archinect Zine is now available and it’s all about artist Ai Weiwei‘s recent release from detainment by Chinese authorities. It’s $6, it features a tastefully-covered-yet-nude photo of Weiwei jumping, and is sure to split the opinions of your friends, as has been witnessed on Archinect’s site, where readers have said both “You are disgusting” and “It’s worth it for the image of the jumping Ai Weiwei alone!” It’s sitting there waiting for purchase right now, so what are you waiting for?! Here’s a quick description of all that’s inside:

The most absurd bits of Chinese culture, art news and dissident activism directly or remotely related to Ai Weiwei (crazy awesome Chinese artist who got in a hella lot of trouble with China, in case you live under a rock) printed in this ultra compact, super graphic, mega-bitchin magazine. A collaboration between the awesome clearinghouse of architecture related content, and the new hacker-punk, in-yo-face, i-don’t-care-what-you-think stylings of Friction House Publishing.