Archigram in T-Shirt Form


A fan of the 1960s-to-mid-70s futurist group Archigram? If you like modernist architecture, you should, given that the avant garde architects inspired a ton of the starchitects who are building all those buildings you like so much (Rogers, Piano, and Foster have each credited the group). If you’re already a fan, or getting there after that last sentence, you’ll dig these new shirts by the Japanese company Graniph, which put to use some of the original designs created by the group. Their logos, collages, illustrations, it’s a super cool collection. If you’re too lazy to convert the shirt’s prices in yen to dollars, or worried that the shipping costs might be higher than that of the shirt price itself, then head over to this post by the good folks over at Dezeen, who are giving away 10 shirts from the collection to their readers. Just mail them your details between now and September 20th for a chance to win and you may soon be showing off how cool you are for being a fan. “Oh this?” you’ll say to your pals. “This is just this avant garde group of British architects from the 60s I’m way into.” Then watch them feel great shame over their now-dull vintage band shirts.