Archie Comics to Return to Original Logo and Cover Design

Back in August, reading this piece in the NY Times was the first time we’d thought about the Archie comics series in years. And now, just shy of five months later, here we are again. The big news is that Archie Comics has announced its plans to return to its original logo and cover design this May, after several years of living without the iconic red band on top and a generally more modern look to it. The blog Robot 6 on the Comic Book Resources site broke the story, with a quote from Archie’s CEO, telling them:

…we’re always looking at new ways to push the characters forward, but we’re also very aware of our history and what resonates with old and new readers. This new cover treatment puts the emphasis on the characters and brings back our unique and definitive cover design.

We can’t say it’ll make us start reading comic books again, but it’s always a pleasant thing to see a company buck the trend and go back to something warm and familiar.