Arabic Language Buddy for iPhone: The Most Expensive App Ever at $1800 Per Year?

Screenshot courtesy of Sakhr Software USA

Fire up iTunes and take a look at the information for this iPhone app…

Arabic Language Buddy 1.0821

Don’t let that $9.99 price in iTunes fool you. As far I can tell, this is most expensive iPhone app in the App Store!

That $9.99 is the price to use it for just the first month! After 30 days, its subscription usage price is $49.99 per month for academic users and $149.99 per month for everyone else. So, let’s see…

$149.99 x 12 = $1,799.88 per year

So, what does this app do? It is a speech-enabled app that can translate from English to Arabic. You can speak or type a sentence in English which is then translated into Arabic in both written text as well as spoken language.

I suspect it is one of those apps that I’ll never use but is invaluable to those who do and worth its potentially huge cost. I should note, however, that anything you translate during a paid subscription period is stored and can be played back even after the subscription lapses.