Aquarium Games Apparently Still Get Growth on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Peak Games‘ Turkish-language aquarium sim, Akvaryum, tops this week’s list of emerging Facebook games just one week after debuting at number two. And here we thought the genre was saturated with well over 30 different variations on the theme logged in our traffic tracking service, AppData. Of that list, Akvaryum is already at number five in terms of monthly active users.

Getting back to our list of emerging Facebook games, we see several newcomers to the list including several Spanish-language Social Point-developed games that also appeared on our top 20 fastest-growing games by daily active users this week. We also see The Sims Social still ramping up in users despite the fact that the game isn’t even to the closed beta phase yet so far as we know. At number two is inFamous Anarchy, Mob Science’s tie-in game for the recently-released PlayStation 3 game, inFamous 2.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

2.inFAMOUS Anarchy484,198+293,445+154%
3. My Country306,830+259,947+554%
4.The Sims Social430,032+243,268+130%
5. City Wars810,940+192,712+31%
6. Planet Domo838,590+180,538+27%
7. HotShot778,708+162,212+26%
8.Pet Tales269,320+149,874+125%
9. Mad Games254,279+147,719+139%
10. Revienta el teclado827,155+142,505+21%
11. Tavla818,172+142,473+21%
12. Samurai Dynasty416,461+137,850+49%
13. FishHunt224,414+127,294+131%
14. MMA Pro Fighter530,108+126,558+31%
15. Perro Saltarín953,103+125,030+15%
16. Shadow Fight598,564+122,157+26%
17. Super Billares800,407+111,223+16%
18. Trial Madness951,537+105,106+12%
19. Crazy Taxi913,753+93,984+11%
20. Galaxy Online II Philippines – Best Sci Fi Game127,823+92,056+257%

At number six and seven this week are two games we had the opportunity to review recently. First up is Planet Domo, an adventure/treasure-hunting game from Barn Buddy developer TheBroth based on the popular Japanese TV mascot. The game features a player-versus-player mode that adds a layer of depth to the core gameplay.

Next is HotShot, an arcade-type game from developer PlayQ that is notably similar to PopCap Games’ popular casual title, Peggle. In both games, players shoot a ball from the top of the screen into a cluster of “pegs” arranged below the cannon. The goal is to strike certain-colored pegs with the ball to clear them from the board. At present, PopCap does not have a version of Peggle available on social networks.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Come back next week for our top weekly gainers by monthly active users on Monday, our daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.