Apsalar reveals regional iOS and Android penetration, Southeast favors Android, west coast favors iOS

Where someone lives could have a bigger an impact on what smartphone operating system they choose than previously thought according to Apsalar.  The mobile analytics company has released some interesting figures outlining the regional strengths of iOS and Android smartphones in the U.S. market.

It found that consumers in the Northeast tended to favor the iPhone, while Android was more popular in the Southeast. Apsalar also found that some states leaned far more toward one operating system than another. Vermont, Hawaii, Maine, Alaska and New Hampshire had the highest overall percentage of iPhones, while Android smartphones saw the highest penetration in Virginia, Iowa, Washington D.C., Missouri and North Carolina.

Overall, Apsalar declared 32 states to be iPhone states and 18 states to be Android states, although some of the most populated states were split almost 50/50.

“California and New York were both very very close and that was very interesting,” explains Mike Polner, Apsalar’s product marketing manager. “When we first looked at the data we thought California was an iPhone state and New York was an Android state but when we dug in a little bit deeper we realized that [both] were iPhone.”

Apsalar put together its study by surveying the 100 million active (defined as devices that have been used within the last six weeks) iOS and Android devices it tracks in the U.S. According to Apsalar’s product marketing manager Anton Commissaris, the company’s data tends to skew more heavily towards iOS than Android — Apsalar tracks about six iOS devices for every one Android device — so the company normalized its results to make up for its data bias. Apsalar declared a state red for iOS if it detected more than three times as many iPhones as Android devices, and blue for Android if it saw less than a 3-1 ratio of Android to iOS devices.

Apsalar is backed by $5.8 million in funding from Thomvest Ventures, Battery Ventures, DN Capital, 500 Startups, Morado Venture Partners and Seraph Group. The company is now tracking almost 275 million iOS and Android users worldwide, working with more than 1,000 developers in more than 1,200 active apps. That’s up from the last numbers Apsalar shared in July, when it reported a reach of 225 million unique users worldwide.