April 15th – Tax Day

Yep today is the day.

It’s like Christmas for the obsessively organized…we would imagine.

Salon.com ran a piece about the freelancer and taxes – plus a whole bunch of other advice we’re choosing to ignore:

Leave your apartment. Get dinner. Wear real pants. Enjoy having people around to complain to — or even better, celebrate with. And in your deepest, darkest moments, remind yourself of what made you want to be self-employed in the first place.

I realize that might be hard to remember right now, given that it’s tax day. If so, forget the philosophical contemplation. Grab a friend and get a drink.

We only drink alone.

Anyway, as some of you may have noticed – we now have comments. You have to register. Don’t hate us for that – hate the haters and spammers that have drove us to it.

We ask our readers: What is the weirdest thing you get a tax deduction on? Leave your answer in the comments. Come on. It’ll be great.