Appsurfer Wants to be The Youtube of Android Apps

If you’ve ever browsed the Amazon Appstore then you’ve probably come to appreciate its test drive feature. Amazon will let you try an pp on their website before you buy it. While this doesn’t work well for all apps it is a good way to make sure you want an app before you put your money down.

Appsurfer, a 6 month old startup in India, is working to offer a similar service to all Android app developers. caught up with Appsurfer earlier this week and interviewed them on their progress. Here’s more from the article:

The platform enables app owners to upload their apps (i.e. the .APK file) on Appsurfer site, immediately own an ‘app webpage’ that showcases their app on a virtual phone (like this) and then allow developers to share that page amongst friends, colleagues and clients. With just a few minutes of effort, developers can create a virtual, Internet presence of their app that otherwise remains buried in mobile app stores. Developers/Publishers can also embed the app on their blogs/pages, making it easy for consumers to actually see how the app works.  That is, think of it as a Youtube of Android apps, enabling discovery/presence for app developers.

I’m looking forward to seeing more companies use it. Screen shots are nice, but I’ve lost count of the number of free apps I’ve downloaded and then deleted because they weren’t any good.  With Appsurfer I won’t have to even download the app to know I don’t like it.