Appsfire Gives Apps Scores

Discovering great apps can be a challenge to users who have to navigate through many crappy apps to find ones that they like.

To help address this problem, Appsfire, a community site for apps, has created the Appsfire App Score, a quality score given to apps. The idea is to help users determine if an app is worth downloading.

The Appsfire blog explains how it works: “App Score is a dynamic score which processes dozens of parameters several times a day across all the apps in the iOS App Store. The App Score for a particular app goes beyond the current ratings, rankings and reviews for that app; it also analyzes the rating and ranking performance over time, incorporates additional metadata and reviews for that app across the web, identifies apps engaging in suspicious rating/review behavior in the App Store, and synthesizes the publisher’s record across all of his or her apps.”

Via GigaOm.