Apps Updated for my iPhone/iPad in the Past Week: 32

Thirty-two (32) of the apps for my iPad &/or iPhone were updated in the past week. Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release or an Apple iOS 4.x compatibility update with, perhaps, some bug fixes. Apps with an asterisk (*) preceding the app name indicates an app on my iPad.

ABC News 3.2 Save articles for offline reading. Pull-down refresh.

Angry Birds Rio 1.2.1 Improved visual effects. Enhanced game flow.

AroundMe 4.2.1 Fixes for iPad version 1.5.2

The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook 3.0 Surprise Me button. Advertisements added.

CineXPlayer 2.1.2

* CNN App for iPad 1.0.4

Constitution for iPhone and iPod touch 1.4.2

(News & Video from) Consumer Reports 1.5

Echofon for Twitter 4.0.9 OAuth authentication. Official photo preview support.

Eye-Fi 2.0.39 Indicate video files in gallery view, previously uploaded files, upload progress. Upload PNG files.

* GoodReader for iPad 3.8.0 File Tabs. Side Menu for creating PDF annotations. Delete Local Files for download-only sync.

GV Mobile + 2.3.0613 Improved iPad support.

INRIX Traffic 3.2 More European traffic coverage.

Learn Japanese Vocabulary 3.0.2

Legendary Wars HD 1.4.1 Free Moonstone. Page with news & promotions update.

Magic Piano 2.0.3 Three difficulty levels for every song.

* MySQL Mobile Database Client 4.1 1.30

Pogoplug 4.2.1 OneView support.

Scene It? Comedy Movies HD 1.0.1

smartr 3.1

* SoftBox Pro for iPad 1.0.6 Color lights. Built-in Flickr browser. Improved brightness control.

SpeakText for Web 7.0

* Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad Video throughput for iPad 2 up to 30fps. Internet discovery support for Google Mail addresses.

* Taptu 1.5.1

Weddar 1.1 New privacy setting.

Wikipanion 1.7 Browse and find supported third-party wikis powered by MediaWiki engine

* Wikipanion for iPad 1.7.1 Browse and find supported third-party wikis powered by MediaWiki engine

* WolframAlpha 1.3.0 Automatic links added to results. List of related queries.

Yahoo! Messenger 2.1.1

Zentomino 1.9.8