Apps Updated for my iPhone & iPad in the Past Week: 44

Forty-four of the apps for my iPad &/or iPhone were updated in the past week. Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release or an Apple iOS 4.x compatibility update with, perhaps, some bug fixes. Apps with an asterisk (*) preceding the app name indicates an app on my iPad.

Angry Birds 1.6.3 Conclusion of Mine & Dine – 15 new levels

* Atomic Web Browser 5.8.0 Long press to reorder tabs. iPad users can add an additional button. Re-added support for untrusted SSL certificates. 1.5.6 Add a photo to Foursquare check-in. Add a picture to tweets

Bloomberg 2.11.2

Can’t Wait 1.1

CNN App for iPhone (U.S.) 1.2.2

* Comics + 3.6.1

* Crackle – Movies & TV 2.0.20

* Discovr Apps 1.4

Doodle Cam 3.0

* Dragon Dictation 2.0.11

Dragon Go! 1.0.1

* Editions by AOL 1.1.3 Opt for “This Day in History” instead of the horoscope

* Evernote 4.1.1

Facebook Messenger 1.0.2 Improved ability to copy/paste text. Added links to phone numbers and addresses.

Frisbee Forever 1.1.4 Five new Frisbees designed by fans added.

Google Catalogs 1.0.1

Google Places 1.2 Filter results. See and filter on open hours (hours of business). Read full reviews within the app.

Graphing Calculator 1.3.3

* iMDb 2.2 Updated design for home, movies, TV & celebrity pages. Create custom lists. See and manage lists on See top lists created by other users.

Intellivocab for Improving Vocabulary 1.4

Leonard Maltin Movie Guide 1.4 360 new movie listings. New reviews automatically downloaded weekly.

Localscope 1.7

* Marvel Comics 1.5

* Movies by Flixster 4.71 Auto complete search. Actor search (iPad).

Nike+ GPS 3.2 Last 30 runs/stats sync to phone. New maps track elevation and pace.

NPR News 3.1.1

Photovine 1.3.1

Pro HDR 3.0 New UI. Now a universal binary app. Defaults to camera view. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr sharing. Cropping added.

* Pulse News for iPad 2.4

* Reuters News Pro for iPad 1.8.3 iOS 5 support.

Seafood Watch 3.0.7

Sekai Camera 2.11.2

Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access 1.2

Steer Clear Mobile 2.0.2 {State Farm} Agent pictures now appear in th eapp.

Textbooks (Kno) 1.6.1 3D images in textbooks. Smart Links (video). Photo Notes. Video Notes.

TowerMadness HD 1.14 More free maps.

Trover 1.2.2 Double-tap a discovery to thank it {the person}

Vlingo 2.0.8 Facebook single sign-on support

The Weather Channel 4.1.0 Hurricane Central inside the maps section.

Where To? 3.8

Wolfenstein 3D Classic Lite 2.1

Zillow Real Estate 4.4 See nearby schools, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. Sign-up or -in with Facebook.

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