Apps That Turn Your iPhone into a Great Camera Device

When the iPhone 3GS came out a couple of months ago, many rejoiced over the fact that its camera was upgraded to 3 megapixel from the measly 2 MP of its predecessor – the iPhone 3G. 3 MP is good enough to produce decent quality snapshots of whatever catches your fancy. But don’t you wish that your iPhone camera can produce more enticing and fun photos? It can actually with the help of these camera-related iPhone apps. So, here goes ten apps that turn your iPhone into a great digital camera device.

Camera Bag (Price: $1.99)

camerabagThis could perhaps be one of the best camera-related iPhone app. It lets you apply effects that mimic old manual cameras including Helga, Fisheye, 1976, Mono, 1974, Infrared, Cinema, Lolo, Instant and 1962. I’m sure you’ll have fun using Camera Bag. If you want sample photos taken using camera bag, check out this Flickr photostream.

Camera Genius (Price: $0.99)

camerageniusNext to Camera Bag, Camera Genius is also one of my favorite iPhone camera apps. This app extends your iPhone cameras functionality with features that you will surely love. It lets you capture group photos through noise or by uttering the word “cheese”. It has anti-shake stabilization that effetively reduces blur in your photos, a timer so that you can join group photos (if you have a dock), camera guides for composing and aligning photos, review button, and a bigger easier to tap photo button. In addition, the app also keeps track of the number of photos you’ve taken.

Lomo Camera (Price: $2.99)

lomocameraI recently bought Lomo Camera after finding out that Camera Bag didn’t have the lomo effect. It’s a bit pricey compared to other iPhone camera app but hey, getting a Lomo Camera is expensive as well. And this the next best thing to owning such camera actually. What this app does is to let you apply various Lomo Effects to your photos based on the popular LC-A camera.

Toy Camera (Price: $1.99)

toycameraAnother cool camera-related iPhone app. Toy Camera lets you add effects to your iPhone photos including vintage green, vintage warm, vintage yellow, low saturation, high saturation, toningsepia, Black&White, and HiCon Black&White. The app also lets you set your photo size from 426px to 1600px.

Night Camera (Price: $0.99)

nightcameraIf you find yourself in need of taking snapshot of something at night or in a low-light environment, Night Camera app can help you take decent looking photos using your iPhone camera. While this app may be effective in adding some light to your photos, using it may be a challenge at first since the app utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer to determine whether your hands are stable and no longer shaking before it takes the shot.

Camera Zoom v1.1 (Price: $0.99)

camerazoomIf a 4x digital zoom-capable camera sounds good to you, well this app does the trick effectively. It’s a simple app made for the simple reason – to let you zoom-in on a subject before taking your shot. As this is for digital zoom only, don’t expect too much high-quality photo output from this app. Just about right for its price.

HDR Camera (Price: $1.99)

hdrcameraIf you’re a digital photography enthusiast, you’d know that HDR photography is quite popular among photo enthusiasts today. Producing HDR photos is not easy though even if you have the most powerful photo editing software. If you have an iPhone, all you need is this app and you’ll have HDR photos in an instant.

Perfect Photo (Price: $0.99)

perfectphotoWhat if righ after you’ve taken a photo using your iPhone, you can immediately edit it? To be specific, what if an app lets you denoise, crop, rotate crop, flip the image you taken? Or adjust your photos gamma, brightness, contrast, sharpness, shadow balance, highlights and hue? Perfect photo, right? This app might just help you achieve that.

PhotoEffect (Price: $1.99)

photoeffectHere’s another fun app to use on your iPhone which lets you add special effects to your photos. PhotoEffect lets you alter, personalize, and apply various effects to photos you’ve taken using your iPhone camera. These effects include – black and white, sepia, sunset, vintage, retro, toy camera, posterization and pop art. It also lets you resize your photos into either 600×900 pixels or 900×1200 pixels.

Camera Super Flash (Price: $1.99)

camerasuperflashOne of the low-down of the iPhone camera is of course the lack of flash. It’s not that we expect it to have one, after all it’s a mobile phone and not a digital camera. Thankfully, there are several apps available that adds a flash functionality to the iPhone camera and one of these apps is Camera Super Flash. Simply put, this app adds high-quality digital flash enabling your iPhone camera to produce bright photos. The app lets you save your photos up to 1200×1600 pixel resolutions.

There you go, 10 best camera-related iPhone apps the enhances and extends the capabilities of your iPhone camera.