Apps Booted Off of my 16GB iPad to Free Up Space: FT, Epic Citadel, TIME, Tweetdeck

Like many gadget fans, I pre-ordered my iPad before it was released. Although I was reasonably sure that I would like the iPad and expected to be a valuable tool, I hedged my bet by pre-ordering the 16GB model (the smallest and least expensive model). The plan was to buy a 3G iPad with more storage a month later if the WiFi-only model worked out well for me. A month later, my iPad had replaced my netbook as my go-to device for mobile computing. However, I decided that I didn’t need a 3G device with its (then) $30 per month fee to AT&T. As it turned out, I could find WiFi hotspots (mostly Starbucks) when needed and could WiFi tether to my Nexus One to create my own hotspot.

If Apple follows the iPhone’s annual refresh cycle, the first generation iPad is about half-way through its shelf cycle. We should hear rumblings about or an actual announcement for a second generation iPad in January with a possible release in April (assuming an annual refresh cycle). In my way of thinking, it doesn’t make sense to replace my 16GB WiFi-only iPad at this half-way point.

I do, however, have a minor storage problem. The 16GB iPad actually has a 14GB useable capacity. Free space on it has dropped to 2.2GB. So, I’m starting to free up space by uninstalling unused apps. Four apps were booted off of the iPad this past weekend:

1. Epic Citadel: This is a demo of game app. It was a useful as a tool to demonstrate the graphics the iPad is capable of at the time of its release.

2. Financial Times iPad Edition: This is a good app with good content. However, I’m not a regular subscriber of So, its full content is not available to me. I should note that I consider FT’s approach to walled content access to be the most reasonable of all traditional periodicals.

3. Time (magazine). I’m still not happy with the $4.99 per issue pricing model for something that does not require printing presses, distribution, or shelf removal.

4. Tweetdeck. This app has a great design but is simply too slow to use.

Deleting these four apps freed up roughly 400MB (2.2 to 2.6GB free). Two gigantic apps targeted for removal within the next week are the first iPad issues of Time magazine (April 12 issue with Steve Jobs on the cover) and Wired (Toy Story 3 cover). I’ll take one last look at the content for these two items before deletion. Deleting these two apps should free up 500MB or more.