Apps are now driving half of all time spent on digital devices


This May was a breakthrough month for mobile apps. According to ComScore analytics, apps are now driving 51% of the time users spend on digital devices. Tablets, phones, and media devices account for 60% of time users are on digital devices while the remainder is spent on desktop. That’s already an increase of 50% compared to last year.

The growth of mobile app usage have been fast and steady, but not all apps are experiencing the same amount of growth. Leading the charts are radio apps followed by photo apps and navigation apps. Next to last are social networking apps, but they are still #1 in all digital engagements with about 20% of all time spent online being “social.”

Just how important is social networking to mobile? Consider the following stats:

  • Total mobile engagement on social has grown 55% in the past year
  • Social networking on mobile has accounted for 31% of all growth in total Internet engagement in the past year
  • Social is the home of the #1 mobile property, Facebook, which accounts for 24% of all mobile time spent. The primary Facebook app accounts for 18% on its own.