Appnext finds increase in mobile revenue comes from smarter, better mobile ads

Image via appnext

In-game advertising now accounts for an increased amount of revenue for mobile app developers, according to mobile advertising network appnext. This increase comes as developers have become more knowledgable about in-game advertisements, which have previously been more intrusive and annoying than relevant and impactful.

According to appnext, most ads typically fail to generate substantial revenue because of their placement within apps and the timing of their appearance. In the former case, ads are at the bottom or top of an app’s screen, and are ignored by users. In the latter situation, ads appear in the middle of a game, and players want nothing more than to make them disappear as quickly as possible. Furthermore, many mobile advertisements may relate to things that simply aren’t relevant for gamers.

Appnext (and other mobile advertising platforms) are combatting these shortcomings by becoming smarter about the types of ads included in mobile games, as well as their frequency and timing of appearance. Instead of appearing in the middle of a game, for instance, ads are now being pushed to users once they’ve run out of energy, after they’ve failed a level, or when they have finished a game session. In addition, these ads are now becoming more interactive, allowing users to become more interested and engaged in what they’re seeing, rather than remaining passive observers.

“Our developers are earning 10%, 20% even 30% of their revenue from in-game advertising,” said Elad Natanson, the Founder of appnext, in a company statement. “And we’re hearing similar results from our competitors and others in the industry.”

Appnext is joined by the likes of Agawi and Vungle, two companies that are also looking to improve the performance of mobile game advertisements by stepping away from traditional methods. Agawi’s AppGlimpse program, for instance, turns ads into instant game demos. Meanwhile, Vungle has partnered with mobile gameplay recording platform Kamcord to turn players’ recorded gameplay moments into ads that will be implemented across Vungle’s developer network.