Check Out The AppNet Parody Page With A Point: @IHave50Dollars

You’ve likely read about at this point and maybe you’re unclear as to whether it will revolutionize everything online or if it will fail miserably.

Well, we don’t have an answer for you.

One thing we do know for certain though since reached it’s 500k Kickstarter goal – there are a LOT of people who have $50 (the one-year membership fee). And @IHave50Dollars is joyously ridiculing each and every one of them.

But that’s not all, it’s also supporting something VERY worthwhile. Check it out. pretty roundly ridicules – from the description of the platform:

To the folks supporting it:

Why visit the site when we’ve shown you all the funny stuff? Well, there’s still a bunch more to read – like the Updates and Core Values (we’ll let you visit the page to read those).

And there’s more. This is a parody with a point.

When you click “contact us” or the video link, you’re redirected to a page that states: “If you can spare $50 for a social network I’m guessing you can spare $50 to help put an end to slavery. Yeah, it’s 2012 and it’s still a pretty big problem. That shit is unacceptable. Really.”

Here’s the video about modern day slavery. It will shock you – watch it:


So, although the @IHave50Dollars Twitter may be funny, mocking the “withs” . . .


. . . the ultimate goal of helping those who would be happy to be labeled “without” is laudable. Spread the word.

Which site will you be sending your $50 to?

(Rich/poor image from Shutterstock)

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