Apply for College With New Facebook App

For over 10 years Embark has helped more than 15 million students research and apply for college. So it was a natural step for them to announce the College Planner, a Facebook application that allows high school students to apply for college with a single click – without ever leaving their Facebook profile.embarkOne of the hardest things about shipping off to college is saying goodbye to all of your friends. This nifty widget will also show you which people on your friend list have expressed interest in the same schools.

With more and more of the application process becoming paperless, and Facebook’s desire to be taken seriously among adults (remains to be seen), this seems like an application that just might make the grade.

A potential hitch is the secrecy that often shrouds the college search.

“I want to break up with my boyfriend and move far away.”
“I’m smarter than him, I don’t want to go to the same school.”
“What if the world sees I was rejected by a State school?”

However, if this is the same audience that has no problem dishing out their dirty laundry on just about everything, why should this be any different?

Over 1,000 colleges are just a click away. If only boosting your GPA was that easy.