AppLock Protects Android Apps With Face and Voice Biometrics

The app allows users to lock access to specific apps and open them by using facial and/or voice recognition.

Sensory announced the full release of its facial- and voice-recognition application on Android. The app allows users to lock access to specific apps and open them by using face and/or voice recognition.

With AppLock, users create an account by programming their voice and appearance into the app. Users can select one of three predetermined voice pass phrases or create their own pass phrase to repeat. Users must look into their device’s camera and repeat the selected pass phrase three times to complete the app’s setup.

Once the setup is complete, users can select which apps they’d like to protect, as well as the specific level of protection they’d like for each app.

The app offers two protection levels. The first, a “convenience mode,” will utilize either face or voice recognition to open an app, depending on which is verified first. The second mode, a “TrulySecure” mode, requires both voice and face recognition to open an app. In addition, users can turn on “liveness detection,” which prevents a photo of the user from being used for face recognition.

When attempting to unlock a protected app, users are asked to look into the camera and repeat their pass phrase. After the verification is accepted, the AppLock interface will disappear, and the app will open as normal.

In a statement, Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory, commented:

Excitement for biometric technologies on mobile devices continues to be a driving force for innovation and adoption in the mobile space. Now more than ever, we are seeing various modalities of biometrics being utilized for securing sensitive bank and credit-reporting apps. However, the majority of mainstream apps today fail to protect users from the potential risk of somebody gaining unauthorized access.

We designed AppLock to provide users a seamless option for securing any app installed on their Android devices with our TrulySecure face and voice biometric technologies, which, when combined, offers more than twice the security of single mode biometrics like fingerprint and iris.

AppLock is available to download for free on Google Play.

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