Applifier reveals Everyplay data, new FaceCam feature

Everyplay logo

Game cross-promotion network Applifier today revealed data from its recently launched game recording service Everyplay as well as a new its new FaceCam featu.Everyplay logo

Everyplay is a service that allows users to record gameplay from iOS games, with the aim to drive social discovery for a developer’s mobile game. Developers can integrate the service into its games  with the free Everyplay SDK. Applifier founder and CEO Jussi Laakkonen says Everplay is meant to capture that word-of-mouth sharing moment of a mobile game between friends in-person, but in digital form through gameplay replays. Users can share their replays through social services including Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

“We are trying to approach the discovery problem by not approaching the discovery problem,” he says. “We are trying to enable you, the player, to share meaningful moments from the games you like. That in turn, solves the discovery problem because it’s authentic, social, word-of-mouth, in action, in video form — you can actually see what it is.”

The Helsinki and San Francisco-based company revealed Everyplay replay sharing data from the mobile game Stair Dismount. The objective in Stair Dismount is to earn points by breaking the most bones in the dummy after launching the dummy down stairs and other environments. The game saw 10,000 video replays recorded by players in 30 days. The most popular sharing vehicle by far was Facebook, with 50 percent of the shares followed by YouTube with 35 percent and Twitter with 15 percent. Drilling deeper into its Facebook sharing data, Applifier found that an average of 15 friends watched every replay and 12 percent clicked through to download the game from the Apple App Store. So far, Laakkonen says about 10 games have integrated Everyplay along with dozens of games with Everyplay integration that have yet to be released.Everyplay FaceCam screenshot

“The best way to discover good games is through friends, somebody showing me,” he says. “This is what we want to recreate digitally, so its shareable and you can go authentically viral.”

Moving on to the new feature, FaceCam utilizes a device’s front-facing camera and speaker for users to add themselves into a replay through video and audio commentary, which Laakkonen believes, changes a replay from just a gameplay clip to a meaningful moment from a user. Click here for an example of the new FaceCam feature.

Currently, Everyplay doesn’t monetize, but Laakonen believes the service could follow YouTube’s model for content monetization where a promoted video would be shown right before a video.

Applifier funding to date totals $6 million from backers including Lifeline Ventures, MHS Capital, PROfounders Capital, Tekes, Webb Investment Network and angel investors.

For developers interested in Everyplay, click here for additional information about the service and registration for FaceCam’s private beta, which is expected to roll out in March.Everyplay infographic