Applifier launches Everyplay GameAds for targeted mobile video ads

Image via Applifier
Image via Applifier

Game cross-promotion network Applifier has announced the launch of Everyplay GameAds, bringing highly targeted video advertisements to mobile gamers, resulting in high CPMs and engagement.

Everyplay GameAds work to target specific users with high lifetime value potential. As such, the video ads are only shown in games as interstitial video ads, or as opt-in opportunities, where users may watch a video ad to receive a free item (as an example). These ads are further targeted to users using Applifier’s proprietary algorithms, all with the goal of achieving higher response rates than other mobile ad networks.

During the Everyplay GameAds beta, the GameAds videos were put into rotation in games including Ruzzle, Hill Climb Racing, 4 Pics 1 Word and Song Pop. While the specific developer and game wasn’t revealed by Applifier, we know that during the beta period, one developer earned over $1 million in 45 days thanks to Everyplay GameAds.

Everyplay GameAds are now available to all developers within Applifier’s network, and beta developers are already giving the platform plenty of praise.

“The eCPM and fill rate with GameAds absolutely blew us away. It’s the highest monetizing in-game ad network that we’ve ever worked with in English-speaking countries,” said Sebastian Schmitt, CEO of Lotum GmbH, in a company statement. Lotum GmbH is behind hits like 4 Pics 1 Word and True or False.

Applifier’s Everyplay program was originally launched last year as a way for gamers to record moments of iOS gameplay, and then share those clips with their friends via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. The platform expanded with a FaceCam feature in February, making video recordings and replays more personal.

Developer interested in learning more about the Everyplay GameAds program can get started on Applifier’s website.