Applifier Announces Mobile Cross-Promotion Platform for iOS, Android

Game discovery and cross-promotion platform Applifier announced a mobile product today that will help users find games and help developers track user interaction with ads. The app is expected to launch on both iOS and Android in Q3 2011.

Applifier on Facebook has grown steadily in the last year, reaching over 150 million monthly active users with its cross-promotion bar and its newer games portal app. As of today, the company claims 100 million game installs on the platform as a result of cross-promotion. Developers can integrate with the cross-promotion platform for free while Applifier itself remains ad-supported. Applifier also recently launched a cross-promotion bar for web games outside of the Facebook platform.

On mobile, Applifier hopes to achieve a similar ecosystem of reach and engagement. The App Store and Android Marketplace are even more fragmented than Facebook when it comes to games, and discovery has proved a challenge for many developers that can’t sign up with major publishers to support them. Similar to how Applifier first sold itself as a “Rebel Alliance” for developers looking to band together in cross-promotion to keep up with larger companies like Zynga, Applifier Mobile could rally the disenfranchised mobile game devs to its platform.

The mobile product doesn’t look that different from the Games on Applifier Facebook app. Users can navigate through one or two different sorting systems like “New Games” or “Features Games” — but more sophisticated “Games You Might Like” sorting systems don’t seem to be available just yet. The ads take the form of instersticial displays and banners that appear in-game. Selecting a game from Applifier Mobile to download should take you to the App Store or Android Marketplace; we were not able to see this feature in action as the alpha product demo we received was interrupted by technical difficulties.

Applifier Mobile is currently in invite-only beta. Interested developers can sign up here.