Applications will Return Back to Desktop

There was a time when applications was moving from computer desktops to the web and was made such services like Ajax Word and Excel. But now looks like evolution is made the circle and applications from web is crawling back to computers to be like clickable icons again.

In this week Michael Arrington from TechCrunch allready was writing about plans of Adobe to launch Apollo platform. Apollo will allow to convert Flash, HTML, JavaScript and Ajax applications into desktop apps which, I think, will increase the usability of the applications and can turn them into more serious services with more opportunities to users. According to TechCrunch Adobe will launch Apollo in 2007 and it can bring a lot of fresh ideas and projects to Internet community. If you want to know more listen to the 37 minute podcast over on TalkCrunch.

Apollo from Adobe

Desktopize from 3D3R Software studios

Desktopize in fact is very similar to Apollo and promises to let users access to web applications straight from their desktop and it looks like this kind of services is getting ready for action.
My personal view is that it is next step for applications, because making the circle from desktop to Internet and again back the applications is reached point when they can be used more rational and with bigger benefit for users. I think that next year will bring a lot of good news in this area and the biggest winner of this will be user.
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