Application Invite Spam Continues Despite App Crackdown

Facebook has been fighting spam on all fronts. Whether it’s hackers and spammers trying to find loopholes in the site’s security, phish user data, or use other malicious techniques, or developers trying to cheat the platform, spam is a big problem. Just last week I posted about the Snowball Wars application which has since been banned. Today I stumbled across an application invite which asked me to install an application. The only problem was that thee of the links say ignore and one says confirm.

I’m not quite sure which invite works but developers using these tactics are making it more challenging for honest developers to succeed. Take for example Facebook’s policy of approving news feed story templates for applications and external sites. I submitted a news feed story over a week ago and have yet to receive approval on it. I can only imagine how long it’s taking for other developers.

I’ve included a picture of the Knighthood application invite but I have received a few others that have used similar tactics. In quickly going through and clicking “Ignore” next to all the application invites one automatically redirected me to an application before I had even realized that I clicked a false ignore button. There are still countless applications taking advantage of spam tactics and the developer forum has been buzzing about these apps for weeks.

Earlier this year Facebook shut down forced invites. Since then they also redesigned their site to make sure profiles weren’t becoming overly cluttered with applications. Despite all of Facebook’s attempts to prevent spam, it appears that they have simply curbed it. Many applications continue to slip through the cracks and it continues to be a fierce battle for Facebook.

Have you witnessed more application spam lately? How do you think Facebook can shut down spammy applications more effectively?