Application Accessibility Improves in Facebook Redesign

As announced earlier today, Facebook this evening released updates to the new site design that make it easier for users to find and bookmark applications. Facebook has made applications are now a more prominent part of the overall visual design by:

  1. Showing all authorized apps in the Applications menu
  2. Adding a bookmarked apps shortcut bar (reminiscent of Windows) in the bottom menu bar that can hold up to 6 direct links to applications, and
  3. Allowing applications to easily be bookmarked while in use

Facebook Platform Program Manager Josh Elman said tonight,

In the new applications menu, all of a user’s bookmarks will appear and be easily accessible. In addition, up to six application icons will be shown to the right of the menu button. When a user is using your application, they will be able to easily identify and bookmark your application with just one click.

Feedback we received indicated that users were having trouble with the Applications link in the top menu. People weren’t easily finding their way to their favorite applications. By moving this menu and displaying a few icons at the new location, users will always be able to find the applications they use, as well as easily bookmark their favorite applications or the ones they use the most.

Developers who want their icons to appear correctly in the shortcut menu should use transparent GIFs.