Applicasa seeks to carve out a mobile niche with all-in-one game management platform

Israeli startup Applicasa is looking to make life a little easier for mobile game developers with a new all-in-one service that promises to take care of analytics, in-app purchase management and promotions through an easy to implement server-side solution.

Falling under the backend-as-a-service umbrella, Applicasa’s mobile game management platform promises to free its users from dealing with server-side code. Developers using the platform simply add the Applicasa SDK to their apps and then use the company’s drag-and-drop user interface to add virtual goods and in-app purchases to their apps.

Where Applicasa’s service sets itself apart, says COO and co-founder Tzvi Kopetz, is that it also provides its users with analytics and promotional tools, allowing developers to not only add virtual goods to their apps, but to manage them effectively.

“The difficulty game developers are facing is creating in-app purchases and creating promotions for those purchases,” he explains. “When create promotions for virtual goods, it won’t be effective if you don’t know who your users are, and you can’t categorize them or divide them.”

Applicasa’s platform tracks player behavior, allowing developers to segment userbase through more than 12 factors including: total amount of goods purchased, levels completed, location, average play time, current virtual currency balance, achievements and more. Developers can then use the platform to create and manage promotions like daily deals, two-for-one sales, announcements or even milestone triggered events — all of which can shown just to specific user segments.

The service is still in its private beta, but developers interesting in participating can go to Applicasa’s website to learn more. Applicasa is backed by $500,000 in seed funding from Israeli venture capital firm Shaked.