Apple's New Apps for the iPad 2: Photo Booth, Facetime, iMovie, Garageband

Apple introduced a couple of new apps for the new iPad 2.
1. Phone Booth is a built-in app that ships as part of every iPad 2. Mac users will be familiar with ths photo manipulation program that provides a number of effects for self-portraits.
2. FaceTime for iPad is a counterpart to FaceTime on the iPhone 4 and the 99 cent FaceTime for Mac OS X. It lets you make video chats to another FaceTime enabled device. Note that this only works over WiFi connections.
3. iMovie for iPad is another app that was transported from Mac OS X. Like its desktop counterpart, it is not a free app (although all new Macs ship with iLife which includes iMovie). iMovie is a good simple video editor. It will be, presumably, priced at $9.99 like other Apple iPad apps.
4. Garageband for iPad. Like iMovie, Garageband is a music creation app that is part of iLife for Mac OS X. The iPad version is an optional purchase (again presumably $9.99). It has one big advantage over its desktop counterpart, however. Garageband for the Mac provides a virtual keyboard to play a piano-like keyboard using the Mac’s QWERTY keyboard. As you might imagine, this is not a lot of fun (though usable). Garageband for iPad provides Touch Instruments that let you create musical sounds directly on the iPad 2’s screen. These virtual on-screen instruments includes drums, keyboards, and guitars (including bass).
I’m really looking forward to trying all of these apps.