Apple's MobileMe Offers Web 2.0 Applications

Tell me which blog that you know is not yet riding on the hype that the iPhone2 has built up the past few days? If you check Techmeme, more than half of the page is occupied by nothing but posts and links about the new iPhone. I even stopped reading my Google Reader account because I couldn’t find anything good to read except articles about the iPhone2. Well, we can’t blame them and neither can you blame me. The new iPhone and applications and extensions that came with it is rocking us all, even social networking fans. Yes folks for us online communication, web 2.0 and social networking loyalists, the release of the new iPhone also brought us Apple’s MobileMe.

First, the basics – what is MobileMe? It’s a cloud computing meets the mobile phone. Meaning, it’s a set of useful applications which not only synchronizes the iPhone2 with your Mac or PC but also offers new web applications, or to be precise – Web 2.0 applications.

So, what are these web 2.0 applications that are being offered by MobileMe?

MobileMe gives you push technology when it comes to forwarding email from your webmail account to the iPhone2 (granting that you are able to snag one as soon as it is launched on July 11. So, instead of fetching your email messages from your webmail service, MobileMe will send you alerts for email messages that arrives in your inbox.

Next we have, MobileMe contacts which is simply your connections in the cloud. It gives you instant access to your entire address book stored either on your mobile phone or on you email account’s inbox.

MobileMe Calendar is a nifty application that pushes your calendar entries into the new iPhone.

MobileMe Gallery is another web 2.0 applications which lets you share your photos to the public.

MobileMe iDiskis an online personal hard disk.

MobileMe will open its door to the public sometime in July for $99.