Apple’s ‘Keep ‘Em Guessing’ Press Strategy Works Wonders

Oh wait, actually we are.

We’re still a little amazed by how often journalists mention Apple—just do a Google News search and you’ll see what we mean. The company’s PR team doesn’t even really need to pitch anyone for all that  earned media, right? It’s enough to make you jealous.

A great example: no one knows exactly what the company plans to do this fall beyond releasing yet another iPhone, but they’re all still reporting on the brand’s plans to do something. Apple encourages this rampant speculation by toying with journalists’ desire to break a story—any story.

Here’s the famously press-shy company’s latest release, sent out to tech journos by CEO Tim Cook this morning:

This should brighten everyone’s day.

Please join us for a café breakfast and coffee bar on September 10 at 9:00 AM followed by an executive presentation at 10:00 AM.

This invitation-only event will be held in Town Hall at 4 Infinite Loop in Cupertino.

Hmm. All we really learned from this is that Apple is aware of the pressure to impress with whatever its latest rollout happens to be. We hope its not the much-discussed iWatch or the also-rumored Google Glass competitor, because we have no interest in either of those potential products. (But something has to be going on with the latter, otherwise Siri wouldn’t be talking “Glass is half empty” smack.)

The general assumption is that Apple will use the event to roll out the new “faster” iPhone S and “cheaper” iPhone C, both of which are about as exciting as Facebook’s umpteenth privacy update. But they seem to have the “keep ’em guessing” strategy down pat.