Apple’s iOS 4 Includes Option to Upload Videos to Facebook

Apple did not mention the word “Facebook” once when it announced its new iPhone 4 device and iOS 4 operating system last week — but it did say that there would be 1,500 new features coming with the latest version of its operating system. And one of those features appears to be the ability for iPhone users to upload videos directly to Facebook.

The iOS 4 firmware code is currently available for approved developers. Facebook uploading, as 9 to 5 Mac discovered, appears to be an additional option beyond the current ones (which are email, MMS, MobileMe and YouTube). The maximum size of the video is 480 pixels in height by 480 pixels wide, with 30 frames per second.

Adding the ability to easily upload videos to the iPhone would be a boost for Facebook, judging by recent trends. Photo-sharing from the iPhone to Facebook is already a popular feature in the Facebook-built iPhone app. Meanwhile, video-uploading from mobile devices has continued to surge on Facebook, because phones are both becoming cheaper and better able to handle video shooting. Finally, the new iPhone device and OS are going to include a range of new video features (NewTeeVee took a good look, last week).

Apple, of course, gets the benefit of tying its hot new content-creating device with one of the most popular ways of sharing videos with friends. The half a billion Facebook users in the world now have another reason to want the iPhone versus another smartphone.

There is a long line of evidence showing Apple has been working on tighter Facebook integrations recently, like the ability to sync your phone’s address book with your Facebook contacts. We and many others expected to see some mention of Facebook during the announcement last week. But so far, nothing has shown up.

With the video code, Apple has clearly not ditched all Facebook integration in its latest device and software launches. Given how complementary the two companies are, the question is still: Where is everything else?

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