Apple’s 30th Anniversary Video > Any of Those Super Bowl Ads

This morning everyone’s talking about their favorite Super Bowl commercials, but the spot we like best didn’t air during the game—in fact, it debuted today.

Via Re/code, we woke up to a new Apple spot created entirely with iPhones on a single day (January 24th, the company’s 30th anniversary) and edited over the following week.

Pretty cool, right? Some details after the jump…

  • TBWA\Worldwide produced the spot
  • It involved 15 camera crews
  • Footage came from 10 countries on 5 continents
  • The shoots stretched over 36 hours (accounting for time differences)
  • Editors whittled 70 hours of video down to this 88-second clip
  • Longtime Apple advertising guru Lee Clow directed
  • Movie vet Angus Wall (who works on all of David Fincher’s movies) supervised the editing process

We think the spot easily achieved its goal: demonstrating the many uses of Apple products around the world.

This tweet from Clow left many expecting to see an Apple ad during the game:

We’ll call it a pleasant surprise. While it isn’t technically a Super Bowl ad, we prefer it to almost every one we saw last night.

[H/T TechCrunch for some of the details]

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.