Apple Users Download 35 Million Books; iTunes Goes Social

applsmall.jpgIn a press conference today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that iTunes users had downloaded 35 million books on iTunes and is now launching iTunes 10.

Tech blog GDGT quoted Jobs as saying: “People have downloaded over 11.7 billion songs from iTunes, and we’re just about to cross 12b. Over 450 million TV episodes, 100 million movies, 35 million books, and over 160 million accounts with credit cards and 1-click shopping in 23 countries.”

The new iTunes has ditched the old CD logo, “since iTunes is about to bypass CDs in sales,” said Jobs. The new iTunes is all about discovery and includes a new tool called “Ping,” which operates like a social network, where users can share content and comments with their friends. Wonder how the copyright folks will feel about this?

At the press conference, Jobs also announced that after selling more than 275 million iPods, Apple is also introducing a new nano iPod. Apple also has a new iPod touch.