Apple Updates Ping With Playlists Sharing and Continues Efforts To Woo New Users

Apple added a playlist editing and sharing to its Ping service in a recent update which would hardly worth mentioning if the service didn't have such a high profile. Apple clearly has its eyes set on dominating social networking as it takes further steps to enhance the fledgling social networking,

Apple recently updated some functionality to its social music service further cementing the technology giant’s effort in developing the site into a viable entry into the crowded social networking space. This most recent update adds playlist creation into the Ping mix allowing users to import their exiting and newly created iTunes playlists into Ping and share them with friends on Ping. Friends can leave comments, rate and also add additional tracks to playlists but songs are limited to those available on the iTunes store.

Apple has been increasingly adding features to the fledgling social network in the hopes that more users will flock to the service. The company even began releasing Michael Jackson tracks exclusively on Ping to woo new users to little effect. With about a million users since Ping launched last summer, the social network hasn’t exactly captivated its 160 million plus iTunes user base. Apple also failed in efforts to integrate with Facebook, doing a better job playing in the sandbox with Twitter. The company announced an agreement in November that Twitter would integrate with Ping allowing followers, music posts and commenting to work seamlessly between the two networks. That still doesn’t change the fact that one has to switch between difference applications to access one network or the other, but Apple is clearly making efforts to further enhance Ping leading to speculation that iTunes will eventually land on the web.

Ping has a long way to go make a breakthrough in social networking, but no doubt the company has many more tricks up its sleeves, as it has proved time and time again that Apple can shake down any industry it chooses to enter.