Apple TV Could Be “Key To Apple’s Future”

appletv.jpgNewTeeVee is reporting on how, after finally admitting that the company did a poor job with the Apple TV, Steve Jobs in his Macworld keynote on Tuesday unveiled a totally new interface with loads of functionality that “should be enough for any Apple zealot to jump for joy,” and that it could be “key to Apple’s future.”

We probably wouldn’t go quite that far. But it’s true that the second version of Apple TV is much better than the lackluster one the company launched last year. Here are some of the latest features:

– It supports Apple’s new iTunes Movie Rental service;

– It finally supports and outputs high-definition video and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound;

– You can buy and rent movies straight from the Apple TV, without having to use your PC first.

You can also transfer movies you rent to iPhones and iPods, but there are a number of disappointing caveats that restrict exactly how, when, and in what manner the transfers can occur. Check out Engadget’s detailed iTunes and Apple TV chart for the scoop on that.

RIP Apple TV, Hello Apple TV [NewTeeVee]