Apple TV 2.0 Is Tiny Focusing On Streaming Versus Buying Content

applsmall.jpgIn a press conference today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced Apple TV 2.0, and it is tiny and only $99.

Tech blog GDGT quoted Jobs as saying: “It’s a fourth of the size. You can hold it in the palm of your hand! Look at this, that’s it! It’s this little tiny box!” The new box comes with an HDMI connecter, an Ethernet connection and WiFi.

The idea of the new box is to keep users from having to store and manage media, and instead the content is all rented and streamed, not purchased. Jobs said: “You can rent first-run HD movies for $4.99 day and date they come out on DVD! TV show rentals, commercial-free: 99 cents.”

ABC and Fox are piloting the new program. Users can also stream NetFlix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe.

The new Apple TV will sync with Apple’s new AirPlay streaming system.